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The Backstreet Boys perform 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart'

The Backstreet Boys describe the inspiration behind 'Madeline'

The Backstreet Boys perform 'Madeline'

The Backstreet Boys perform 'In A World Like This'

Kevin and Brian represent the Kentucky Wild Cats in Duke Blue Devil territory

The Backstreet Boys give Justin Bieber advice and weigh in on the 'N SYNC reunion. Is there a BSBNSYNC tour in our the future?

PB smells Nick Carter

PB shares her 'Vintage' teen magazines with the Backstreet Boys

AJ Twerks with Tyler

What's on the Backstreet Boys' playlist? Wale, J Cole, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and more + a little cover of J Cole. Also, AJ discusses Duck Dynasty.

The Backstreet Boys discuss their new album 'In A World Like This'

The Backstreet Boys describe touring with NKOTB and wanting to tour with The Spice Girls or 'N Sync