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Willfully or not, Rihanna appears to be playing crime fighter on Twitter. 

The Thailand newspaper the "Phuket Gazette" says authorities arrested a bar owner over the weekend after the pop star tweeted lurid details about a sex show she witnessed at the Phuket bar.

Rihanna said she was "traumatized" by what she saw.  The Thai newspaper says the owner was arrested for operating an entertainment venue without a permit and for providing a lewd show. 

It's not the first time one of Rihanna's tweets has led to an arrest in Thailand.  Last month she posted a link on Twitter to an Instagram photo showing her posing with the squirrel-like primate known as the slow loris, which is a protected species in Thailand.  Police there arrested two men for selling photo ops with the animal.

Bad gal Riri to the rescue!

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