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California rockers Haim are planning to tap into their inner Kanye West as they start to think about their next move. 

Alana Haim tells "Rolling Stone" she and her bandmates-slash-sisters have had "the craziest year," and now they're excited about trying something new.  And when it comes to trying something new, they look to Kanye for inspiration. 

Alana explains that they all admire the rap superstar's ability to find success while pushing the boundaries with every new album he makes.  She calls his latest effort, Yeezus, a masterpiece, and says that if she could "just chill" in anyone's brain for ten minutes, it would be Kanye's. 

For now, however, the Haim sisters are gearing up to spend some time on the road.  They're scheduled to tour Japan and Australia later this month before kicking off a European tour in February.  They'll make their way to North America starting April 9th with a show in San Francisco. 

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