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OK Go has added another entry to its series of elaborate music videos.  The latest clip for the indie rockers' new single "The Writing's on the Wall" features the band members moving through a Brooklyn lot filled with a series of perspective illusions and visual tricks. 

The set-up took nearly three weeks to prepare and 50 takes before the single-shot video was just right. 

OK Go frontman Damian Kulash tells Rolling Stone that they know there's a chance videos like this might make people "overlook or discount the music."  But it's something that's worked for them ever since they hit the ground running on treadmills in their "Here It Goes Again" video.  Kulash says at that point they decided to "embrace it and go" rather than try to run away from it. 

"The Writing's on the Wall" is the first single from OK Go's upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts, which is due out this October.