Dolly Parton Loves That Drag Queens Want to Look Like Her

Dolly has been an icon in the gay community for a long Billboard asked her if she knows why. She does. She said, quote, "The guys all want to look like me."

"I've always said it's a good thing I was born a woman or I would have been a drag queen. I think they definitely relate to my flamboyance. I think they also know that I just love them."

Dolly's also very proud of her tolerance. She says, quote, I don't judge or criticize anybody. God loved us all."

"I look for the God-light in everybody, and I want the God-light to shine through me. I understand them. We're just people. We just do what we do, love who we love, and can't help who we are. We should be that...proudly."

Check out her new song below "Blue Smoke"!

Article Courtesy: Wise Brother Media, Inc. The Complete Sheet