If you are like me — if you are like most guys — you are pretty lousy at giving gifts. Its O.K. (cleansing breath) most people have given a flop of a gift at some point in time. I know I’m guilty, but that doesn’t mean I’m a lost cause. I’ve decided to atone for my past gift-giving sins by becoming a better gift-giver —and this is how I did it...

During the commercials of just one football game last weekend, I devised the following strategy, brainstormed the following gift ideas, and set the following plans in motion (and who can stand to watch the commercials during a ball game anymore? Past male-centric ads for beer and sports cars have been supplanted by an unsettling number of spots promoting cures for prostate problems and everything else south-of-the-navel that men should talk to their doctors about (but don’t). Alas, I digress. . . )

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