Meet the Showgram: Bob | Erica | PB

Bob Dumas

Redneck, Motorcycle Rider, Redneck...

For 20 years and counting Bob has hosted the TOP RATED Showgram on G105. Love him or hate him, Bob is the Triangle’s most outspoken, controversial radio personality and he’s got the ratings to prove it!!

Married to former NBC news anchor, Mary Lou, for nearly 20 years, Bob and his wife are proud parents of two beautiful daughters Haley and Katherine, a dog named Booger and a Cow he calls "T-Bone."

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2007, Bob used his notoriety to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). Bob and the Showgram hosted the first Bob’s Buddies Radiothon in November 2008. G105 listeners have donated over half a million dollars to PBTF in just the past four years!!

The News and Observer says of Bob "He's not afraid to share who he is and what he thinks... but in the end, he's a good guy with a good heart."

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Erica DeLong

Erica was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. She is a Peace College graduate (c/o 2004), but also took classes at NC State and Meredith.

Erica started her radio career right here with the Showgram. Interning her sophomore year and joining the team as an Assistant Producer by junior year of college.

When graduating from Peace, Erica left for NYC to pursue her radio career working with Premiere Radio Networks and CBS radio. She worked numerous jobs to “make it” in the big city and often found herself in abnormal situations which has resulted in to great stories for radio. Erica then moved to Detroit to do a morning show, while maintaining her full time gig with Premiere in NYC.  

Erica remained in close contact throughout the years with the Showgram family and joining the show again is simply a homecoming. She considers Bob to be like family, and that goes for the rest of the crew.

You often hear about “Boston” who is Erica’s one day husband. They have a sweet 4 legged baby girl named Lucy Lou who they adopted from the Humane Society.

Keywords to describe Erica and her personality: Honest, Open, Loving, Happy and Dedicated. The glass stays half FULL!  A country girl, with city flair and a big heart.

 Erica is very close with her family and loves to get together with great friends! Always up for a new adventure, loves fashion and a great sale. Erica enjoys checking out new restaurants and local businesses and keeping up with the celebrity dirt. You can find her doing anything girly or shooting at the gun range in a dress. Erica is always up for making a new friend!

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Peanut Butter (Brooke)

The way I see it there are two types of people in the world: Colorful people and noncolorful people. And no, I'm not talking about race.

Non-colorful people are one-dimentional characters without any vibrance. They are simply floating through life on the primary color spectrum, if they are lucky possibly reaching the ROY G BIV color scheme. And you may think to yourself hey those are some good colors, I mean it's got indigo and violet in it. Nope, not good enough for me. I don't want to be the person who limits themselves to seven colors.

I want to be the Crayola box that has 64 colors. I want to go to sleep "Sunset Orange" and wake up "Caribbean Green." I would also like to be able to create my own colors like maybe a "rendezvous red."

I believe everyone starts out with at least a box of 32 different colors. As we go through life people steal our crayons, our daring blues and perfect pinks get lost in the world. Most often our brightest hues get broken or are dulled by other colorless people and the world around us. We become complacent and lose our imaginations, never using new colors. We rely on old basic colors because it is safe, it is familiar.

But if we use the same colors, at the end of the day our pictures will be very lackluster, depraved of any creativity that once held such promise in our box.

I wish always to be a colorful, 64 crayon carrying person. I never want to rely solely on my primary colors

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