Death is a grim subject for some, and for others it is a glorious path to eternal life in heaven. Many family members are reluctant to discuss their preference for cremation or burial until their older years. Some family members tragically do not get the chance.

Having some interesting personal experiences with this topic, and the fact that I am getting older, caused me to ponder about why or how people choose between cremation and burial for their own final resting. Some obvious reasons are cost and religious beliefs. But, is that changing? Statistics shown later in this article might surprise you.

When I was younger, a few of my experiences with cremation and burial seemed rather creepy. Now, I have more respect for those individual choices. Sometimes, a loved one states the reason and sometimes, the reason is never really known:

My girlfriend decided to have her husband cremated and have a portion of the cremains launched into space on the top of an Atlas rocket. Her husband loved the stars and my girlfriend thought he would love that, even though they never had a chance to discuss it. She keeps the remainder of her husband's cremains at her side.

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