There was a bittersweet celebration in Raleigh Wednesday evening for the end of the Defense of Marriage Act.

However, amid the excitement, here in North Carolina we still have Amendment One, which bans same sex marriage.

While Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling won't change much now, those against the amendment are hopeful it will change things in the future.

Kristen Hibbetts met her now wife four years ago at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, where Wednesday's celebration was held.

"We were married in Vermont and our marriage is not recognized here in North Carolina," said Hibbetts.

Still, they had a wedding celebration at the church and now find themselves celebrating yet another milestone under this same roof.

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a provision of a federal law denying federal benefits to married gay couples.

"As soon as I saw it on the news, I ran outside and told her right away," said Hibbetts.

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