A new study surveyed 142 legal secretaries, asking them who they would rather work for: A male partner, a female partner, a female associate or a male associate. Not one of the 142 had a preference for a female partner.

Small study and almost half (47 percent) said they had no preference. But, you would expect that at least some of the respondents would say they preferred to work for female partners. (3 percent said they would prefer to work for a female associate.)

Why? Are women monsters to work for? Are men better bosses? Are men more powerful and therefore, if you've got to have a boss you'll go for the one with more power? (Just a side note from someone who was responsible for salary increases--guidelines are just guidelines and the more power your boss has the more likely your raise will be higher than someone else's raise--if you're a valued employee.)

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.com; Username:Martin Cathrae