Myth: Witches are Satanists

False. The belief that witches worship Satan is the hardest for witches to deal with, and completely untrue! They don’t even believe in his existence, although early Christians did use the image of the pagan god Pan as the model for Satan, hence the confusion. 
Satan is a feature of the Judeo/Christian religions, and has no relevance to witches and pagans,” says David Garland, president of Australia's Pagan Awareness Month. “We have no use for a Christian figure of pure evil – we don’t have any concept of an all-evil deity in our religion.” 
Adds Fiona Horne, celebrity witch and TV star, “In my early investigations into witchcraft I read some sensationalist Satanic books parading as guides to witchcraft, but it was nothing to do with the religion I felt emerging from within me – it was too close to Christianity for me.”
Witches do believe in positive and negative aspects, but they are to do with nature and people, not their deities. They also take responsibility for their actions, and would never blame the devil for causing them to do bad things.

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Photo Courtesy of, username plaisanter