Last month we introduced you to the best daredevils of all time: men whose blood-pumping feats have inspired much of what we consider high-powered adventure today. Who, however, are the  21st century individuals following in their footsteps?

Meet some of the best modern daredevils. Contemporary Houdini’s who defy obstacles like gravity, oxygen starvation and snake venom, just to name just a few.

Bear Grylls

Perhaps nobody epitomizes the term “daredevil” more than British survivalist Bear Grylls. When it comes to adventure, this famed Adrenalist has done practically everything. His exploits include leading the first team to circumnavigate Britain on a personal watercraft or jetski, paramotoring (motor-powered paragliding) over Angel Falls and the Himalayas, crossing the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean and the Northwest Passage on a rigid-inflatable boat and paragliding over Mount Everest. Another notable accomplishment was climbing Everest and entering The Guinness Book of World Records as one of the giant’s youngest ever summiteers. He was 23.

Furthermore, the 90-day ascent subjected Grylls to explosive weather, limited sleep and oxygen starvation deep inside the “death zone” (above 26,000 feet). Coming down from his first reconnaissance climb, he almost died in a crevasse at 19,000 feet. The ice split, the ground caved beneath him and he was knocked out. He dangled on the end of his rope for a bit before coming to and carrying on.


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