I started by Physician's Weight Loss journey with the crew in Raleigh on Thursday. Since Elic started and has had success, of course I wanted to try it because I can't let him beat me at anything. And, just like I told Nicole, Kathy and Rob at PWLC, I've never seen Elic stick with a program, low carb, high carb, etc. like he has with this one. I believe it's because of the support and motivation of PWLC.com/Raleigh ! And, now I know that for a fact, because when I went in for my consultation, I left KNOWING that I would be successful and feeling awesome even before dropping the first pound. I also know Elic has been successful because the program works. Today is my third day and I have followed the plan and recommendations and NOT ONCE have I felt hungry. My first weigh-in is Wednesday, so I will be happy to provide an update on my success story!!
Kelly :)