Hey guys!  

So many have asked about updates since weight loss surgery....so here it goes!   I have lost 42 pounds and I'm now a little over 3 months out (had the sleeve done).  I'm happier and have so much more energy.   For the first time ever, I rocked a bathing suit in public without a shirt on.  Awesome feeling!  Confidence has gone up and I'm not afraid to go hiking or do things that involve the word "hike/climb".

After surgery, I did some walking in the neighborhood but I finally signed up for weekly classes/trainers.   It's pretty cool...I was involved with trainers before but now...I actually want to go to the gym.

I don't feel deprived from foods at all....  I was nervous about everything but honestly, it has been an amazing journey so far!  And socially it's  been great, haven't skipped a beat!   The first few weeks, it was an adjustment and I had some emotional moments...but after that first month things starting getting better and better...now 3 months out, I feel amazing!  Going out - I can go out to dinner with family and friends and find something on the menu that works for me.

The main thing is getting in protein!  And taking vitamins...which I make a little baggie each day, it makes it easier to remember.   I also take my lunch to work.  That's a first...I would always eat on the go...so it's nice to know what I'm eating now!

I get emails every day with people considering surgery or they have questions...and it's awesome hearing from you guys!  I also had tons of questions before too....so any time you need anything...please reach out!   Erica@bobandtheshowgram.com

Here's a few pictures as of the past week or 2....and below is the "before"
picture!  Big difference!  AND PS....freakin' clothes FIT and that makes me happy!  Even my toes lost some weight...lol.



AND...HERE'S THE AFTER...WHOMP WHOMP.  This is the batch of photos from Christmas 2013... I was embarrassed of myself and this is when I said I have to make a change.  

THE GOAL... to lose at least another 30 pounds over the next 6 mths or so.

I always tried to cut my body out of the picture and great at "hiding"

If you guys are considering weight loss surgery or have questions... Be sure to check out www.SurgeryNC.com    They have been wonderful for me during the whole process.

Dr. Enochs did my surgery and ALL 3 doctors are amazing!