For the pun-lovers out there, this is a really creative play on the classic “chocolate” for Valentine’s Day gift!
Candy Bar Card: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!



Here’s a similar concept, but instead of notes around the house, pop this “I Love You Because” printable into a frame and fill in the blank with a dry erase marker all year round.  Guaranteed to give your man the warm fuzzies!


Or if Swedish Fish are more his thang, then here’s a fantastic printable by Lil Luna:



Carving initials in a tree is so 2013.  Carving your initials in a wax candle is where it’s at, folks!  (And if you don’t have a linoleum carver, I betcha a small flathead or cuticle remover tool would work just fine n’ dandy!)

Carved Initial Candle: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea


Here’s a fun way to deliver a love note.  In a heart pocket on a pillow!  And while Melanie says this only took her 30 minutes or so to create the entire thing, pillow cover and all, you could always hijack one of those random throw pillows you have lying around, and give it a facelift with the heart pocket!

Secret Love Notes Pillow: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Have one under Boston’s pillow this morning – so Boston if you’re listening be sure to check under the pillow







5 C. Rice Chex cereal

3/4 C. white chocolate melts or chips

1/4 C. chocolate melts or chips

2 oz cream cheese, room temp

1 1/2 Tbsp. milk

1 C. Red Velvet Cake mix

1/2 C. powdered sugar

Valentines colored M&M's or other candies

Heart sprinkles for extra decoration and cute-ness



1. Measure out Rice Chex cereal and place into a large bowl.

2. Place cake mix and powdered sugar into a large plastic bag or tupperware with a lid.

3. Melt chocolates together in the microwave or on the stove top. Careful not to burn and stir until smooth.

4. Stir in cream cheese and milk (the chocolate will get thicker, but it's okay)

5. Pour chocolate over Rice Chex cereal and stir until coated.

6. Dump cereal into the bag or tupperware with powdered sugar and cake mix. Shake, shake, shake until coated.

7. Dump onto a cookie sheet and let cool.

8. Mix with extra colorful candies and serve!

NOTE: Because of the cream cheese, keep in the fridge if you won't be eating them that day. You can also omit the cream cheese all together if you wish...if you do that, you don't need the milk either!





ALSO – Notes around the house in heart shaped boxes.  Ive done this the past 2 years (so I have to change it up this year) for Boston and he said it was his favorite gift.






All of you will be receiving a card in the mail from me!   This is something the ladies would really like.  It will surprise her.  Do it this morning tho…or just run out to the mailbox and put it in there so she gets it when she grabs the mail for the day.




I’m really diggin’ the look of this rustic photo block.  Perfect for your rugged guy!

DIY Photo Block: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea




Start a love journal

Buy a nicely bound journal and write on the first page, sharing just one of the many things you appreciate about the man or woman of your dreams. Make this year's Valentine's Day gift the journal and that first romantic page. Then pledge to write a new entry each day of the coming year, and give your beloved the completed journal on Valentine's Day next year.



BASS PRO SHOP - GIFT CARD - Dont forget to check it out...they just opened on Harrison Ave in Cary





30 Awesome Ideas For Valentine's Friend Dates

Whether you're single by choice or circumstance, Valentine's Day can seem more like Single's Awareness Day instead of a day celebrating love. Rather than dreading February 14, why not try something different? Celebrating with your girlfriends is a great alternative to sitting at home alone or feeling jealous about the flowers that co-worker received from her boyfriend.

So in the spirit of love, here are 30 ideas to spark your creativity for celebrating this Valentine's Day with your besties.


  1. Host a karaoke night.
  2. Have a Wii dance party. You might want to try Zumba, belly dancing, disco or stripper moves.
  3. Go out for manis and pedis.
  4. Treat each other to lunch. Yes, you'll each still have a bill, but somehow it's still fun to know you were treated to lunch!
  5. Send each other a gift at work. Who doesn't love to receive flowers or chocolate for Valentine's Day and letting the whole office see?
  6. Send each other "what I love about you" notes. This is your chance to tell her how much you love her brilliance or kindness or sense of humor or… And you'll get to hear the same from her!
  7. You've heard of Secret Santa. Why not a Secret St. Valentine?
  8. Get a box of Valentines like you did in elementary school and send them to all your girlfriends.
  9. Open a bag of candy hearts and talk about who would be your dream recipient for each message. Then make up messages you wish were on the hears as you drop them in glasses of champagne.
  10. Girl power movie marathon. My favorite is Legally Blonde.
  11. Host a sex toy party. No, it's not your mother's Mary Kay party. It's a whole lot more fun!
  12. Take the day off and do something adventurous or fun outdoors. Maybe this Valentine's Day will be when you each can cross skydiving off your bucket list!
  13. Retail therapy. A new pair of shoes always make a day better!
  14. Get a massage.
  15. Get Tarot readings.
  16. Giggle about your worst dates ever at the hottest bar in town. You'll be sure to attract attention.
  17. Commit to a day of good deeds and share the stories with each other over dinner.
  18. Give out Valentine's Day cards at a retirement home or hospice.
  19. Give out Valentine's Day cards at your local fire station.
  20. Visit a pet shelter and cuddle or walk the pets.
  21. Have a potluck dessert party.
  22. Have a marshmallow fight. The boys have paintball and we have marshmallows. Each of you gets a bag of stale marshmallows to use as ammunition. (They're less sticky when they're stale, but still tasty!)
  23. Update or create on-line dating profiles.
  24. Host a flower arranging event. Get a bunch of flowers from a florist or grocery store. Ask everyone to bring a vase and spend the evening with wine, conversation and flower arranging.
  25. Setup a wine tasting party at your home, the local wine store or even a winery.
  26. Host a craft party — even macaroni crafts — with prizes for the most outlandish, etc.
  27. Host a dream date party: Everyone brings a picture of their favorite celebrity and a story of their ideal date with them. The best story wins a prize.
  28. Why I like being single! Being single can actually be kinda fabulous. Get together and talk about what's perfect about being single. You're bound to get some new perspectives.
  29. Plan and cook a fabulous meal together. Serve it up like a 5-star restaurant would.
  30. Do a "chore" for each other. There are all kinds of ways to feel loved and sometimes getting help doing a "chore" can be a great way to demonstrate and experience love.

Just because you're not romantically linked up doesn't mean you can't spend Valentine's Day feeling and spreading the love. Give it a try and you're sure to have a blast with your besties!



If you're looking to do more than wait in line for 2 hours at a restaurant, or watch a movie on the couch at home, we have 10 unique, inexpensive, romantic Valentine's Date Ideas for you this year:


1. Fondue Dinner at Home

Skip the price tag and wait and grab some savory and sweet items to dip for a romantic dinner together at home.

2. Paddle Boat or Canoe Rental

Inexpensive, romantic, and completely memorable


3. BYOB Paint Studio

If you don't have one in your area grab a canvas and paint and copy a template- you can do this one at home!


4. Make Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast food is sweet and romantic, and out of the norm for a Valentine's Day date. And it's in bed, so I don't think I need to say much more on that one!


5. Massage Night

Whether you book a couple's massage in advance or decide to buy some massage oil/lotion and give each other one at home, this is a very romantic date that sets the mood quickly!


6. Sweets Tour of Your City

Many large cities off these, but you could come up with one on your own. Visit several bakeries and find the best cupcake. Try chocolates at many places. Eat a scoop of ice cream at all your local establishments, and create a score card for each finding the best sweet in your city together.


7. Make Hand Dipped Chocolate

Sure you can buy a box, but dipping them yourselves creates a romantic night in with chocolates customized just the way you like them.


8. Take a Dance Class

Always wanted to salsa/tango? Is there a better night than Valentine's to hold hands, get close, and learn some dance moves?


9. Go Perfume/Cologne Shopping

We actually did this one last year and never documented it. We decided that was a romantic gift and we'd spend a night together smelling everything the mall had to offer. We walked out with a scent we both loved for each of us. It was a romantic night and romantic gift that keeps on giving.


10. Take a cooking class/cook a romantic dinner at home

The two formal classes we took were a bit pricey, but worth the memory for sure! However, we've had many equally romantic nights in cooking a dinner at home. If you don't know where to start think of a restaurant in your area you both adore and copy their menu together. Don't forget the sparkling cider/champagne- make sure you go all out on this one!