For The Football Loving Family

Often, you have folks over to watch the game or your husband is watching the game and you're not sure how to keep the kids entertained.  Here are some quick and easy options for your kids to prepare with you...OR if you're a busy woman (or man) who wants to look like you spent time preparing but really didn't have it in you.  Here are a few quick things to prepare before guest arrive. 


Another thing too for the kids...  Target and dollar stores have fun things to make "baggies" for any kids coming over.  I stopped by Target the other day and picked up these fun football hats and cookbooks...only a dollar each.   Just something to add that "Martha Stewart" touch to your event...or kids get together.


You can stop by the dollar store or the 1$ bin near the entrance of Target and pick up fun stuff for your kids and even a cookbook... with awesome ideas for your party!

A Phone Charger That Fits In Your Wallet

With this USB charger in your wallet, you won’t need to find a USB
cord next time your Apple or Android device is low on juice.

Yes, the ChargeCard ($25) is a paper-thin gadget that fits
inside of your wallet. No, it isn’t a high-tech, higher-APR Visa that will help you bury yourself under a crushing mountain of credit-card debt. Instead, it’s a compact, cable-free USB charger for an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device. Stashing the credit-card sized charger
in your overstuffed Costanza wallet eliminates the need to track down or haul around the proper cord when your device is running on fumes. Instead, all you need to track down is a USB port.

The one drawback? Whether because of its compact size or
because its creators want to make as much cash as possible with their
invention, the ChargeCard is not a universal charger. That means that if you want a ChargeCard but own an iPad and an Android phone, you’ll have to purchase two ChargeCards. Still, it’ll be worth it next time your phone is out of juice and you don’t happen to have a USB cord in your pocket.


Fabulous Eyebrows That Look Well Manicured 24/7

First get a wax for 7 bucks from the nail shop or spa…THEN…pick up E.L.F Brow kit!!! 3 bucks!

Fill in your brows! This E.L.F brow kit is a wax and powder
combo. With an angled brush, touch the wax and then touch the powder. Lightly sketch the product into your brows. Once the product is placed, comb through them with a spoolie or a spare toothbrush to soften the look. The kit comes in three shades and retails $3.00 on  I got mine at Target!!!

So you're blessed with bushy brows and have no need for
makeup to enhance them. Lucky! There is something you can do to look a little more polished and it's super easy. Next time you finish your tube of mascara keep the brush, wash it thoroughly and turn it into your new up-cycled brow taming tool. Spritz the brush with a bit of hairspray, style your brows and go on making the world jealous with your arches of glory.


It's ALL About The Boot This Fall

I’m not a huge fan of the boot trends for this season…some look like boots we rocked a decade ago…BUT…the good news is you prob have thick heeled boots somewhere in your closet.  For me, I’ll prob stick to the flat knee high boot, the booty look or the motorcycle boot with skinny jeans.

Vince Camuto Winchell Moto-Inspired Boots $169.00 at Dillards


Others according to celeb trend setters

BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. Marry a more feminine look with a
masculine edge. Whether it’s a pair of oxfords or chunky-heeled boots, a boyfriend shoe is this season’s must-have.

The classic oxford shoe will dress up a casual ensemble of
dark-washed skinny jeans and knits, and also balance out feminine a-line dresses and skirts. This pair (Jeffrey Campbell 'Damone' Oxfords, $135) with its pointed toe, leather and hardware detailing, will give the illusion of more elongated legs while making ensembles feel more streamlined. When it comes to sizing for a more structured shoe, just go for a half-size up and let the leather do its work in molding to your soles.

A casual pair of boots is fall and winter’s most important
staple. Avoiding the masculine shoe shape isn’t necessary when mixing it up with lace and floral separates, but if you’re looking to soften up the look, try a pair in a lighter shade to work into your outfits (Ugg 'Carby' Boot, $200).

Boots of the thick-heeled variety are a necessity, and one
with muted patent leather (Topshop ‘Aleta’ Monk Strap Boots, $144) is ideal if you’re looking to give your basic blacks some added depth. Pair these with just about anything in your wardrobe -- whether that’s with a pencil skirt, button down, and tights a business meeting; or a more ethereal dress and light coat for play.


AND...This Weekend Target Is Launching A New Line Great For Work and Back To School.  Both Men and Women. 

Phillip Lim's Target collection lookbook unveiled

The highly-anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration has been revealed, and it does not disappoint.

 Images of all 100 pieces in the versatile line have been released on the Web, and the collection includes not only womenswear and
menswear, but also purses, shoes and travel accessories. The pieces cost between $19.99 and $299.99.

 The items are divided into Morning, noon and Night wardrobes. They range from a sweater dress with "BOOM" written in big, bold
letters to a black leather jacket being sold for $299.99. There are garments in floral, camo and animal prints along with trench coats and French Terry sweatpants. Lim also designed large and small variations of his Pashli bag, which come in colors like black, yellow, red and blue.

 Target reportedly had been courting Lim, who received the CFDA award for 2013 Accessory Designer of the Year in June, for years before he finally agreed to work with them.

 "Target is such a huge entity. It's a beast, right? And I wasn't ready to tame the beast," he said in an interview with GQ. "What was on my mind then was about what I was doing and building a language for the brand. They kept coming back every year and finally I was like, 'okay, let's do it.'"

Lim said one of his biggest challenges with this collection was creating everyday staples people would actually wear that would also stand out.

 "I could throw confetti on everything and yeah it's exciting, but at the end of the day, you don't wear that every day, so I think
that was a big challenge - how to push design for the masses even further, but at the same time refining it," he said.

The line hits select stores and on Sept. 15.