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Kevin Hart Addresses Hater On Instagram



Kevin posted this picture while at the BET Awards last weekend and referred to Parrish as his rib like he always does.


Well one follower decided to let Kevin know her personal opinion on the matter…


The follower asked, “Would she be your rib if you worked at Wal-Mart? I love you Kevin but I’m just saying! Your rib is that women that’s there when you have nothing to offer but yourself!”


Well I guess Hart got tired of the entire back lash his girlfriend was receiving and decided to put a hater in check. He responded back saying…


“Well @atldiva65, we will never no[sic] know the answer to that because I don’t work at Walmart. Even more important who are you to define what the definition of RIB is to me???? The meaning of RIB to me is a woman that I can’t live without because of the pain that it would cause if she was gone….it’s a play on words genius….if I took ur RIB out you would be in a bunch of pain regardless of what you did in life. That’s what I call PUTTING YOU IN YOUR PLACE PROFESSIONALLY. Thank u and goodnight”

His and the follower's comment was later deleted, but to see the original CLICK HERE


A frightened bear cub was rescued from a tree in northern New Jersey after getting its head stuck in an oversized cookie jar while rummaging through some trash.

Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese says the 6-month-old cub apparently found the animal cracker jar in a Ringwood neighborhood on Friday night.

As the 28-pound animal tried to eat what remained in the jar, he apparently pulled the jar over his head and it got stuck.

The cub became spooked when approached and went up a nearby tree, but got wedged about 40 feet up.

DEP staffers arranged netting in case the bear fell to the ground.

After the animal was tranquilized by a DEP biologist, it was brought down and local firefighters gingerly cut the jar off its head.

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