What up, it's Zac and I went to see "About Time" this weekend.  I know, here's my man card.  I was thinking it'd be a romantic comedy (ROM COM) with Rachel McAdams but I was actually pleasantly surprised.  It has alot more depth and meaning and it's something that you could take your folks to see if they visit you for Turkey Day.  I don't know if you should take your kids (they might have questions here and there) but it's a solid movie and Bill Nighy's wit as the Patriarch in this eccentric English family is second to none.  It has its funny parts, it's sad parts and you walk away with an appreciation for those close to you and the road that you've taken versus the road you didn't take.....  Go see "About Time", it's unique and well done and guys won't lose their man card for seeing it  :)