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I've been wanting to see this movie and my girlfriend has been wanting to see it for even longer.  It might have to do with Johnny Knoxville in an old man suit or that half the movie was filmed in North Carolina.  Do you remember all those Johnny Knoxville sightings in Raleigh awhile back?  Well it's cause he was filming this hilarious movie.  It was #1 at the Box Office a couple weeks back and still #2 last week.  Do not miss out on this for two reasons....one, cuz it's one of the funniest movies that I've seen in a loooooong time and two, you'll recognize alot of the places around Raleigh and Charlotte.  There's even a heartwarming part to it, wrapped up in this road trip themed comedy.  There's a little bit of Jackassesque parts sprinkled in throughout the movie but I liked how real it was.  If you get some free time, go see Bad Grandpa.


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