Peanut Butter attended the University of Rhode Island on a tennis scholarship.  

Peanut Butter started her career with Bob and The Showgram as an intern and was promoted to assistant producer nine months  

Peanut Butterenjoys an active lifestyle. She loves all sports indoors and outdoors. She's played every sport and enjoys attending and watching sporting events.  

Music and movies are Peanut Butter's passions. She could watch 10 movies in a row on a Sunday afternoon. Peanut Butter loves to read. Some would describe Brooke as a bit of a nerd since she is a History buff.  

One of her favorite things to do is go out in Raleigh with friends, listen to live music and have a good time.  

At 23, Peanut Butter is living on her own for the first time and working through trials and tribulations as she finds her place in this crazy world.

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