Tuesday, January 15th, 2013


Dear Bob,


After going non-stop for the past 14 hours, between work and two kids, I still found the energy to write a letter I’ve been meaning to write for years.  I was inspired by a female caller of your show this morning.  She referred to you as a “conservative libertarian” and basically said you use your radio show to politicize issues you know nothing about.  I couldn’t concur more.  However, what bothers me about your radio personality even more is your chauvinistic attitude.  You attempt to invalidate any point your female co-hosts/guest hosts try to make.  Because of this, I do not knowingly listen to your radio show.  There are occasions when I unknowingly do so, but you inevitably say something that pisses me off, and I feel the same way your caller today feels when listening to you, like “crashing my car.”  If your radio station hopes to increase its female listenership, it needs to either relegate you to a non-speaking position or order you a subscription to the New York Times