Dennis Quaid Discusses Controversy Over "A Dog's Purpose"

Recently, some controversy has popped up about the movie A Dog's Purpose.  Last week, a video was released of an apparently terrified German Shepherd struggling as a handler forces him into churning water. 

Dennis Quaid stopped by The Ellen Show on Monday to discuss the controversy and boycott surrounding his new movie.

The star told Ellen he never noticed any disrespect towards the animals on set, "I would not be on a set that had any kind of abuse towards the animals...or people. I don't think this video tells the whole story, number one. Number two, I know my experience on the set. The dogs I worked with and even like, the donkey, who's also in the movie, all the other animals were treated with the greatest respect and care and compassion."

Understandably, he defended his movie and continued, "I really believe that this video doesn't tell the entire story and the dogs were treated with the greatest respect."

Ellen, on the other hand, put the spotlight on the person who shot the video and pointed out that it was taken in 2015 when the movie was being filmed and questioned why it wasn't released until now.  She wondered why someone would witness a dog being abused two years ago and never report it until now?

Ellen continued by saying that she didn't want people to boycott the movie; "I would hate to see this movie not be seen because if you love animals, you will love this movie, and it'll make you care even more deeply, and you'll respect them more." 

Watch their discussion below.


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