Caretake Hitting Elderly Woman Has Been Arrested


Surveillance video released last week showed an elderly woman being repeatedly hit for feeding a dog human food. Texas police now have the caretaker, Brenda Floyd, in custody for the assault.  She will be charged with assault with bodily injury of an elderly/disabled.  

The video, which was recorded by the home system Nest on New Years Day, shows the caretaker hitting the elderly woman and yelling at her that she has told her to "not feed the dog human food." She continued to yell and say, "Get your a** up and go to f****** bed!" The caretaker is seen hitting the elderly woman at least 5 times. 

The home security system was first installed by the 94-year-old woman's son who noticed his mom with some bruises. After installing the system, he reviewed the footage  and saw his mom being hit several times. Floyd was a fugitive, but was located thanks to locals tipping off police about her whereabouts. She is now in police custody. 


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