Before 'Breaking Bad,' Aaron Paul Was on 'The Price Is Right'

Aaron Paul, aka Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, was on the Price is Right 17 years ago.  As a contestant, Paul had to guess the price of a sports car without going over the actual price. To his rotten luck, Paul overbid the sports car by $132...and lost. 

The now 37-year-old made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and discussed his epic loss.

Paul recalled, "I gotta be honest, when I did the show I was struggling, I had no money. And it was really a source of possible income. When I lost that damn car, I was so depressed for so long."  

So his dear friend James Corden decided to help Paul get his redemptionTheir way of redemption? Break into The Price is Right studio, of course!

Did Aaron Paul finally get a chance to beat The Price is Right? Watch below!

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