Australian Kid Surfer Back on Ellen

Meet Sabre. She's an Australian kid surfer who first made it on Ellen a couple months ago for her hilarious Australian local news interview.  She is the youngest person to be selected in a major Australian surfing competition, but it was her interview that gave her worldwide attention.  

During her first visit with Ellen DeGeneres, the 11-year-old talked about her $500 winning prize for placing 25th out of 100 in a surfing competition.  How did she want to spend her $500 winnings? On donuts! Yup, donuts.  She then continued to talk about her dream to go to Las Vegas to eat at a hotel buffet!

Her second visit, Sabre shared her New Year's resolutions with Ellen. One of her resolutions is to not throw up on her birthday from eating so much.  Her parents allow her to eat whatever she wants on her birthday and she desires for this year to be the first birthday she doesn't throw up from over consumption. Another resolution she shared, is to sit in Ellen's car for 5 whole minutes! 

Will Ellen help her cross one thing of her list? Watch below.

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