Female Cyclist Gets Revenge on Catcalling Men By Tearing Off Their Van Mirror

A female cyclist got her revenge after a couple of guys in a van catcalled her. 

The video was filmed by a GoPro attached to a helmet of a biker behind them.  In the video, the girl is seen riding her bike when the van stops beside her. The passenger in the van shouts out to her asking her if she wants his number. When she slapped his van and told him to stop he responded with, "Woah, that's not very lady-like" and proceeded to ask her what charm school she went to and if her mom and dad want to get their money back.  After telling him to shut up, the man asked if she was on her period as he reaches out to touch her.

To get her revenge on these dogs, the woman followed them with her bike and ripped off their van mirror.  

Supporting the woman, the biker behind them yelled "That's exactly what you deserve your scum!" 

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