G105 Dragon Drop

On Tuesday, May 9th Imagine Dragons will perform for 200 people inside the YouTube Studios in Los Angeles. There's room for 2 more people!  

This Thursay at 2:00 PM, G105 will put a dragon, frozen inside a block of ice in the G105 Studios/office. If you can predict the hour and minute the dragon will fall into the water bottle it's perched on, you'll instantly win a trip to Los Angeles to see the Imagine Dragons. Airfare, hotel, tickets AND meet and greets with the band are ALL Included! 

Be prepared to fly out on Monday of next week! That's right, you'll fly out Monday, May 8th!

Submit your name and guess below!

Things you should know:

The block of ice is about 3.5-4 inches long and 2.25 inches tall

The air temperature in and around the block of ice has averaged about 72-75 degrees the last few days.

Weather outside could impact that range.

The dragon inside is made of plastic.

The official clock is the one next to it in the streaming video located next to the block of ice. (it may or may not be in sync with your phone)

Contest Rules

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