Woman Using Stand Your Ground Law On 5 Year Old

A 30-year-old tennis instructor in Miami was arrested last year for hitting a five-year-old student with a tennis racket.

Apparently the kid was acting up, and swinging his racket around near the other kids.  There's a video that shows the instructor grab it out of his hand and hit him with it.

The kid ended up with a bruise on his arm, and a bump on his head.  And the instructor got arrested for child abuse.

But now his lawyer is citing the state's 'Stand Your Ground' law, and says the kid was the "initial aggressor."  He wants the charges dropped . . . yes, he's arguing his client had to stand his ground against a FIVE-YEAR-OLD.

To be fair, the instructor claims he was standing his ground to protect the other KIDS from getting hurt.  He's never been in trouble with the law before, and claims he hit him with the racket accidentally.

He's due back in court early next year. 

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