Are You A Last Minute Shopper? We're Here To Help

If you're trying to get all of your holiday shopping done last minute here is some advice to help you get everything you need!

1. Shop small businesses- you can find lots of fun and great gift ideas at small businesses in your community. Anyone will appreciate a local gift

2. In store pick-up- if you order online straight to home, your gifts may not arrive in time. Save the hassle by using the in-store pick up option

3. Re-gifting- If you have something lightly used sitting around collecting dust, think of someone who may have a use for it and save money at the same time!

4. Non-tangible gifts- you can always give experiences, rather than physical objects. This way you can just tell the person rather than having to wrap something up! "Hey, you're going to see Bruno Mars in May" 

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