You Can Look Younger Without Spending A Dime

There’s now something you could do to help yourself look younger without surgery or even leaving your desk at work or couch at home!  A study at Northwestern University found certain "face yoga" exercises can build up your face muscles.  And after about five months, the average woman who did them regularly looked almost THREE YEARS younger.

The only thing is you just can’t overdo it, or it can have the opposite effect and cause wrinkles.  Here are two exercises to try.  But they're just the simplified versions.  The full versions are a little too complicated to learn without actually watching someone do them.

1.  The Cheek Lifter.  Make an "O" shape with your mouth, so your top lip is folded over your front teeth.  Then smile with the corners of your mouth over and over again.

2.  The Eyebrow Lifter.  Put three fingertips from each hand directly under your eyebrows, and push up to force your eyes open.  Then smile while pushing your eyebrows down against your fingers . . . hold for 20 seconds . . . and do it three times.

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