The Flu Claims Another Victim

A 27-year-old California woman died from complications from the flu, just days after she contracted the virus. People reports that Katharine Gallagher left work early on December 1 when she developed symptoms like a fever, body aches and nausea. She visited urgent care the following day and was given antibiotics and told to get some rest. But three days later, Gallagher's boyfriend found her unconscious and slouched over in the bathroom. Paramedics arrived at the house and pronounced her dead. It was revealed that she had developed severe acute bronchial pneumonia, a complication of the flu virus. California has seen about 40 people younger than 65 die from the flu since fall of last year. Although the flu shot is not 100 percent effective, it can lessen the chance that someone catches it by 10 to 60 percent. Gallagher did not receive the flu shot before getting sick.  So, get the flu shot!


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