SO....Here He Is...The Perfect MAN!!!! LOL

Guys were asked, “What’s your idea of a perfect woman?” Turns out the perfect woman has Scarlet Johansson’s hair, Megan Fox’s face, and Kim Kardashian’s breasts. Source: survey (a lingerie shop)     WELL.....I wanted to find the PERFECT MAN and include the guys here on the show (Bob, Brody and Producer Ben)...Here are the results.  What do you think?

*Zac Efron's Hair

*Shemar Moore's face

*Joe Manganiello's - everything....I mean upper body ;)

*Brody from the Showgram's Arm - and he has great feet btw

*David Beckham's - "upper legs.....and CROTCH area"

*Producer Ben from the Showgram's butt - nominated by his girlfriend Karsen.   I'd feel weird to judge that.

*AND last but certainly not least.... Bob's calves.

*We threw in Matthew Mcconaughey's feet too (not pictured) because he often goes without shoes and has decent feet.

Here he is...the perfect man
Erica taking selfie with hottest man alive

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