Ursula's Head Fell Off at Disney... Kids, Look Away!

Everyone loves a Disney dark ride, it's a right of passage for kids and kids at heart.  And when it comes to these rides, they do an amazing job keeping them looking like the day you first rode them.  However, you can't control everything... (This is where those who want to keep he magic should turn away.)

This Sunday, at Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, there was trouble brewing in Ursula's liar at the Little Mermaid ride.  Apparently the massive robot malfunctioned and several guests caught the show still going on, while the sea witch had her head dangling from her neck.

When this happens, Disney is always quick to stop the ride and have people immediately exit the attraction, but didn't get people out before they got one for the gram!

And, apparently only one day before, the same thing happened to the Auctioneer audio-anamatronic figure at the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris.  Coincidence? (Probably)

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