Learning To Do Makeup Before Hitting Red Carpet

Shout out to my girl @Yousra_Bozidi who took the time to teach me how to apply make up before I go to LA.   I will be on the red carpet for the Oscars and I won't have a team of PROS with me like the "famous" folks....I'm rolling solo...so in order to not look completely out of place...I'm being schooled. I can do many things....but make-up is not my gift...NYG (not your gift)!    She suggested I use MAC HD....  it photographs well and gives great coverage!   So that is what I'm wearing.  She showed me how to contour...which you can see in one of the pics too.... (it looks a little scary without being blended)  Typically, I buy cheapo makeup BUT I've been told when it comes to makeup...you get what you pay for.   So, I broke down and purchased the MAC HD.....  my favorite primer is by Urban Decay - Optical Illusion and then the setting spray - All Nighter by Urban Decay.   Again...pricey but for a special event like the Oscars or a wedding...I'd splurge so you feel pretty and your best.   You can also buy the travel size too!  Ulta allows you to try some samples of the Mac foundation....and/or return if you don't like it.

BTW:  Yousra's info if you ever need hair/make up or lashes - 



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