HELP ERICA Decide On A Dress For The Oscars

HELP!!!!    LOL

So the Oscars are March 4th and I STILL HAVEN'T SELECTED A DRESS!!!!   There was a lot of planning that happened with this trip, so being 100% honest I didn't focus on a dress.  It's shocking that I can honestly say I will be surrounded by fashion on the red carpet and 1 week out, I don't even have a dress.  I have worked very hard to get this all put together.  My main focus was to care more about the who, what, when and where.   Things are coming together, but not gonna lie....I'm a bit freaked now because I haven't selected a dress.    I am very thankful for TJ Maxx though...they legit saved the day.   

Here's the back story you may not care to hear, but I'm sharing regardless ;)

Life has been super busy and I only had one afternoon to do some dress shopping.  I didn't have much luck that afternoon, and with time constraints, I needed to buy off the rack.   I get home and decided that I would browse dresses online and TJ Maxx formal section was a success.    I found several designer dresses that caught my eye, in my size, that I could afford!  After clicking away, I realized I had about 20 dresses in my checkout cart so that made me a little nervous.    I emailed their headquarters to make sure it would be ok that I returned all but 1 dress (even tho now I'm likely keeping 4 of these because they're so affordable) .    Immediately, someone reached out and said absolutely and assured me they would help me find the perfect dress!   2 days later I had 20 dresses at my door ready to try on!  And THIS is why I love them and why I consider TJ Maxx therapeutic.   (BTW this is not an's speaking from the heart).     I found some potential cute shoes from Belk (Belk other favorite store) .... and borrowing jewelry from Diamonds Direct (of course  - only place I get my diamonds) ... so I think everything will come together once I throw on some Spanx and do a few alterations.   Shout out to Lia in Apex btw.  She is fitting me in last minute this weekend to do alterations.  

Now the question is ....which dress?   I will be on the red carpet for quite some time because streets are blocked and media is there for a long time...Plus you stay in that dress ALL I want to be comfortable.   Clearly, I'm not J-Lo ....I just want to feel pretty and comfortable, like I could belong on the red carpet. 

OH YEA...And I am so excited to answer when someone asks "What are you wearing"  TJ Maxx baby...All day long! that you have read my very long back story... which dress do you like best?  Keep in mind - I don't have on shoes, makeup, undergarments etc yet.  


Chose a number dress above, then click on logo below and tell me which dress you like best.  As a thank you, everyone who weighs in will be entered to win a Hollywood Facial from A Brand New You MD

The Hollywood Facial is a combination of a charcoal laser treatment and a 24k gold facial mask… you’ll feel just like the stars at the Oscars!  THANKS FOR THE HELP!

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