Apps That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Here are some apps you can use to help improve your mental health:

  • 7 Cups – Connect with thousands of trained volunteer listeners.
  • Recovery Record – Helps people with eating disorders form healthy habits with food.
  • SuperBetter – Makes a game out of recovery. Players get rewards for completing exercises.
  • PTSD Coach – Offers education and insight about PTSD.
  • Moodpath – Screens you for depressive behavior by asking you questions every day.
  • Pacifica – Find peace with an app that focuses on mindfulness.
  • Pear reSET – It’s an app that’s prescribed to you by your doctor, and it gives you interactive lessons and other modes of digital therapy.
  • Headspace – This app will help you meditate.
  • Anxiety Relief Hypnosis – Listen to audio by a hypnotherapist.


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