Szechuan Sauce returns to McDonalds. Set Your Alarms!

 Szechuan Sauce is BACK!

McDonald's said Thursday that it will ship 20 million packets of Szechuan sauce to all of its restaurants in the U.S.!

This sauce was originally released as a promotion during the release of Disney's Mulan back in 1998. The sauce was only for a limited time. And most people didn't mind, until they were reminded recently how good that sauce was in a popular adult cartoon. 

"Rick and Morty," a sci-fi comedy cartoon, featured the sauce in an episode, prompting a petition signed by 38,742 people to bring back the product. 

The reminder of the long gone sauce and it's re-release this past October even caused riots at some McDonald's because of the lack of supply. 

So now, McDonald's will start serving Szechuan sauce on Feb. 26 with plenty in supply for the demand. 

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