If Your Life Was A Movie, What Would The Title Be?

Since The Oscars are coming up, we thought we'd title our own lives as movie titles. What would your's be?


  • You Can Be Happy Or You Can Be Right
  • Happy Wife Happy Life
  • Women Run My Life


  • Loving, Living Hot Mess
  • Bling Loving Durham Girl
  • Life Is A Whirlwind But I Love It


  • Just A Test Drive
  • Not So Grown Up
  • This one is my favorite:  Life In The Cheesecake Factory  (Has nothing to do with the actual restaurant except that their menu is so vast that it takes a while to make a decision.  That's like life sometimes, so many decisions when it comes to adulting).  


  • Wait, what? (I never know what's going on)
  • Hey....You (I am terrible at remembering names)
  • Hungry and Broke: The Story of Benjamin Harris

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