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I feel like a princess. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me hustle my tail off for this experience (Darin especially and ABC big time) and sponsorship (Bedlam) and dresses (TJMaxx) (yup sure is) and Diamonds (Diamonds Direct) and costume jewelry and clutch (Moon and allow) and showgram and iHeart and Rob Whiteside and Chris Edge .... Yusra ans Scarlett for hair and makeup. So many people helped this come together! Dawn (News One). My husband (and family) who has been there for me and helped with Easton while I’ve been away more than I wanted. I’m standing here in awe right now. Sorry to blabber on but just had to share. Love love love to all. Thank you and I know I’m a spec compared these big names but I sure feel like Cinderella.

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Looks like another all-nighter....I’m too old for this stuff 😩😩😩 #Oscars #bringthebedlam

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