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It's international women's day and there are so many women who have inspired me and have been game changers.....and I'm so thankful...I want to recognize women who have a voice, stand tall and do their thing each and every day.  Go you!!!!   My mother is a great example for me and so many girlfriends of mine who I can call a girl boss.   SO PROUD.  GAME CHANGERS!

This was certainly a nice honor and treat to see as I was coming home from the Oscars.   Definitely on cloud 9 this month.   Oscars and it's my birthday month....WOW!     These are not things that normally happen, and nothing that I take for granted.    I am very thankful and know it takes hard work to get any of this.   That is the part that I am most thankful for..... because I know I worked hard and nothing was handed to me.   It makes me feel honored and proud.     It reminds me that anything you want in this life....if you put your mind to it....even if you get knocked down...OVER AND OVER....never give up on yourself...  you can achieve it!   The past few weeks have been tough because I felt super stressed trying to get everything together and fell in to place.  The hard work paid off and once I was there the lesson was that I wasn't going to stop here.  Going to the Oscars was only the start.  I plan to soar as high as I can along with my family.   I want the same for YOU!  With that mindset...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Believe in you!   I know....   randomness from Erica's brain .   Don't judge, I'm feeling sentimental and mushy today.

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triangle mag erica
triangle mag erica


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