Justice Department Subpoenaed NC State in College Basketball Investigation

N.C. State received a grand jury subpoena to turn over records from the Southern District of New York on Jan. 17, Fred Demarest, a school basketball spokesman, said Friday.

The school's Office of General Counsel received the request, which is in conjunction with the FBI's investigation into college basketball.

The request, Demarest said, is for records and not to interview current staff members."We are 100 percent not involved in this," Keatts said at the time.

However, Demarest said Friday that the school's Office of General Counsel did not inform the current staff about the subpoena.

"Coach Keatts was not contacted about and did not know about the subpoena when he addressed the issue in February," Demarest said.

In September, 10 people, including four college basketball coaches, were arrested as part of the FBI's investigation into two pay-to-play schemes involving agents and college basketball coaches.

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