Just Came Across These Flashback Pics On Facebook

I love seeing flashback pictures!  I often don't pay attention but today...it caught my attention and I clicked the top of the memories and it showed my everything I've posted on this day over the years.  Throw back pictures from when I was a teenager, Easter egg hunts when preggers, family vacations etc.    Pictures are the best!    

Softball - played for 8 years...and cheered for 7 or 8 years too (middle and high school).  This was 5th grade I think?!


Heading to my friend, Jamie's country themed bday party - this was 9th or 10th grade I believe.


Pregnant with Easton!   Boston hides eggs for me every Easter and writes love notes in the eggs.   I was 8 months pregnant almost.


Trip to Boston then to Iceland....  Easton's first international trip...via Groupon! :)


He was such a cutie (still is) ....9ths old I believe.



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