More Details Unfold Tristian Cheats On Khloe!!

I'm so disappointed to see this footage!  I get it...couples cheat every day!    And women throw themselves at basketball players everyday.   And yes...Khloe clearly doesn't make the best decisions on men (HELLO LAMAR ODOM - EX HUSBAND).  Plus, he broke up with his first baby mama just before she had the baby and immediately fell in love with Khloe.   

Videos have just surfaced after this InstaHO tries to get famous and releases on Instagram a sextape and text messages from Tristian.    YES he is wrong because he is cheating but for goodness sake. YOU KNOW THIS MAN IS TAKEN.... YOU KNOW HIS GIRL IS LITERALLY HOME AND DAYS AWAY FROM A BABY.  Seriously...why do women disrespect themselves to get famous?    She quickly deleted the videos etc...  But she knew the world would she it and it would spin out of control and she'd get famous but it....because of rips apart someones life!    Do you really want to get famous that way?   What happened to hard work?   Even if it takes a little it worth ruining lives?  No question Tristian is a dog....but look at these women THROWING themselves at this guy simply because he's famous.   HAVE SOME RESPECT AND STOP BEING SO THIRSTY!!!!!!

Here is the footage from this past weekend from Lani Blair - the Instagram Model who works as a strip club bartender in NYC.  She is the one who released the tape and text on Instagram then quickly deleted.

Also, here is footage of Tristian back in October cheating prior with 2 other women.   Maybe Khloe set the rules where they have an open relationship...who knows.    That wouldn't work at my house BUT COME ON....Look at how thirsty these women are.    And yes...  he disgust me~   So what if he is a basketball player and has some money.  MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY!!!!!  WORK FOR IT!!

A Kardashian family source told In Touch, "Khloé seems to be doing it all over again. She has chosen another basketball player." Before Tristan started dating the Good American founder, he was in a relationship with Instagram model Jordan Craig, who was also pregnant with his child. Before Jordan gave birth, the pair called it quits and Tristan fell head over heels for Khloé.

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