Girls Day with Our Mamas!

A local blow dry bar was having a promotion to do hair, make up and pictures .....and pictures would be back in time for Mother's Day...I signed my mom, grandma and myself up.    And then I contacted the company and asked if they would give a combo deal to one our listeners.   Usually if it's something that I'm excited about, I figure one person out there would be excited about it too!    Of course they did.... we've partnered with Parlor Blow Dry Bar before and Kale Me Crazy which is right next door in Cary provided healthy treats for mom and daughter.    I was so excited for them!   She sent me pictures!   My appointment was earlier so we finished up before they arrived....which Easton and Boston met up to snag some pictures via iphone!    The professional pictures should be back before Mother's Day.

Sidebar:  The show will be doing more "make over" giveaways in the stay tuned!   Everyone deserves to feel pretty!     I don't do services for free because just like me...these companies work hard....but to give away to a deserving mom and daughter was super awesome...and of course the companies are always so kind to partner!  

Click through Instagram for some of our iphone pics!   Thanks to Boston for taking!


Mom Lisa and daughter Jessica who called in on Friday and told us why her mom was so deserving of a makeover                                                                                                                       


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