Do You Think Kylie's Bodyguard Is The Baby Daddy?

Twitter is going nuts with the side by side comparison pics!   Tim Chung, LAPD...part-time model and Kylie's sometime bodyguard MAY be the father of baby Stormi according to some.   Even her ex Tyga who took a paternity test was overheard saying he thought Travis Scott should also take a test.  Tim Chung's is now Insta famous now.    

My personal opinion...   "I ain't mad at ya Kylie"   He's cute...and Travis Scott didn't seem to be active and present during pregnancy.  He just now started showing up.   SOOO...  clearly I do not think cheating is OK but it certainly would not be the worst thing ever to move on to this cutie.  And yes I think the whole cop thing makes him super hot.  Just sayin!  Kylie and Travis are apparently laughing at the rumors.  Which, me being a new mom myself....babies can look like anyone when they are born.  BTW - word on the street is that Travis's mom wants him to take the test!!!!  XO, Erica



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