Apex Student Ripping Black Lives Matter Mural

How do you feel about this? How can we find a middle ground where ALL races feel represented?  Where ALL races feel safe?  Where cops feel safe and respected....but also...  citizens are treated fairly.   What can we do?   Please leave your comments below or on facebook.   And also, this student was suspended?  Do you feel he should have been suspended or do you feel his feelings were justified?   The young lady that tweeted the video and posted also worked a month on this mural... she worked hard to express herself as well....   how can everyone feel represented.  Which Gracie's twitter is below...and yes I did browse through activity from both parties twitter feeds.

I of course will leave my feelings off of this page until tomorrow during the show's trending topics but I would like to hear your thoughts!   We'll be live tomorrow.   ALSO...if you have something you would like to say on air.  Please email me with your number at Erica@G105.com 



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