Lets Talk Meghan’s Conservative Dress, Bored Guest

What are your thoughts On the royal wedding?   Did it wow you after months of hype?    Not gonna lie.... I think Kate and William’s wedding by far “wowed” but Harry and Meghan were more down to earth.    And Meghan with everything from breaking all of the royal rules.... divorced, American, bi-racial, bankrupt father, estranged siblings, tons of “negative” press swirling days leading up to the wedding....   her very conservative dress was honestly the perfect choice considering people would expect a more “wild child” selection from Meghan.    

I was crying when she headed to the cathedral and felt sadness for her when she stood there alone (with her mother bein her only family there to support).    With that said... it makes me very proud to support her.   It shows that anything in this life can happen for us.   A divorced American actress just became a royal princess this morning.     Cheers to you Meghan!   It shows that, everyone has struggles and no matter what you hold your head high and you do your thing!      Life is filled with obstacles for everyone.  



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