Erica’s Pictures From Hollywood Part 2

Day 2 and 3... up and 1:30 am to work at KISS-FM to broadcast with the guys in Raleigh.... Uber back in time for breakfast.   Ask the Uber driver as many random questions as possible (because that’s what I do best)..... breakfast.... shower.... then head to Dancing with the Stars by 2pm until 8pm.   Afterwards, we rushed to universal studios to interview Britton from the Voice ... Sanford boy representing!   

Afterwards, I was a zombie but operating on adrenaline   We went to Craig’s where tons of celebrities go!    American Idol finale wrapped and we met Nick Jonas, Bebe Rhexa and many other execs who were also dining there.   

The next day it started all over.... up at 1:30am etc....    we managed to get in some pool time before boarding the plane that night.   Took an overnight and went straight to the show on Wednesday morning from  RDU!   It was a complete whirlwind but an absolute blast .     Sponsored by Neals Garage in Durham.      I also did coverage for ABC 11 along side the big dogs.... so I stood proud with my little iphone while all of the big camera crews stood around trying to snatch my “more interesting” questions.     I learned from Bob to ask things that people actually want to hear about!!!   

And then my favorite part.... picking up Easton from school   He gave me the biggest hug.     I was so so happy to see him ...And see Boston.   My heart!!  

P.s.   I know this is randomly written.... doing from iphone in the back of car.    Excuse the many typos!!!! 

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