Here's The 21 Year Old Who Spit Game To Erica!!!


Boston and I went down to Wrightsville Beach for Memorial weekend.    It was Boston, the baby...myself and our beach bags with a tent.  I wanted to grab a few drinks before heading out to the beach... so we crossed the street and Easton and I waited on a bench while Boston ran to grab drinks.   It took some time because it was so crowded.   I'm trying to take pictures of Easton on the bench and over walks a cute young guy dressed in Gucci swim wear asking if I know where some bars are?  UGH....  no... even tho they were right beside us.  LOL.  He said he was visiting...I said I was too....chatted for about a minute.   Then I said "this is my son." and by that time here comes Boston.   I said... "and this is my husband who is a detective".... even tho he isn't.  He said "your wife is hot".  Boston responds and says "I know, but are you hitting on my wife?"   The guy responded and said he was trying to build #Instagram and could we take a picture together.   We did, and I am not gonna lie... I was flattered.  I told him I was much older... and no my husband never gets jealous which YES is odd.   But he also knows I have no interest in someone who is 21 either.     He took the picture and then we walked to the beach.   For the record, The same thing happened when we were in California and these two young girls flirted with him in front of reaction was different.   I'm sure I gave him the death stare because he giggled like a school girl.  Which I think it's hilarious looking back.  That was pre-marriage.   

How would you react if someone walked up to your spouse?

BTW - I thought the guy said he was a solider...BUT then his friends got on my Instagram and started saying he was a server.  Who knows...he is a cute kid.  When you click on his Instagram, he definitely takes care of himself and loves young girls with big booties and boobs.   I was like a grandma I'm sure when he realized how old I was...HAHAH!

Here are some of the family shots from my phone....nothing fancy!   

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