Oliver McGee Interview about Roseanne

The Showgram had the opportunity to speak with Oliver McGee, Phd MBA. Oliver started his first interview this morning with iHeart Radio's Bob and the Showgram WDCG G105 - Bob Dumas, Erica DeLong and Ben Harris. Former White House Science & Tech Policy Advisor, McGee is a black Republican who stands with @therealroseanne . He spoke with Roseanne last night, who admitted she made a mistake. He said, "Yes she made a mistake and yes she has apologized; Now America needs to calm down". Oliver touched on Roseanne's "bounce back" and should America take a step back. They also discussed if ABC was too harsh on their decision or if they were right to fire her in order to make a point to stop racist remarks and bigotry.



Listen to the full interview with Oliver here:

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